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Snoring like an old dog in a stable converted into a rural suite

Casa El Guadarnés is a small rural hotel next to Navalafuente village, located in the beautiful nature of the Sierra de Guadarrama, at a mere 40 minutes drive from the city of Madrid.

The estate (Finca) measures 2,5 hectare and used to be a horse breeding farm for its original name being ‘El Guadarnés’, which means ‘the place where saddles and harnesses are kept’. Our 8 guest rooms have been realized in former horse stables.

The finca

A stay at the finca is ideal for people who enjoy peace, nature walks and stroll through surrounding villages. Seen the proximity to the capital of Madrid a visit to this beautiful city can be easily included in your vacation.


The Dog Sanctuary

Apart from the casa rural we also have a small-scale sanctuary for elderly shelter dogs at the finca. A visit to this sanctuary or a few hours of helping out, is possible but not an obligation. Affinity with this activity is a must; after all, it implies the presence of dogs on the property that are also here for their wellbeing and peace.

A peaceful environment

We aim to create a peaceful environment for everyone both on 2 and 4 legs. Our Casa Rural is therefore not suitable for loud music, parties and young children. 

Our animals are part of our family. And although we prefer to take them everywhere, unfortunately we cannot receive pets from guests at the moment. This would cause a lot of stress to our sanctuary dogs. However, we can assure you that, if you like, you won’t get through the days without dog hair on your clothes.


Peaceful trails

The Sierra de Guadarrama has many incredible hiking and biking trails. For some ideas have a look at this map with hiking, biking and car routes. Or rutas por Guadarrama.  They come in all kind of distances and classificacions. Stepping out of the finca you can do a nice short trail called the Dendro Ruta.

Become one with nature

Every season the nature we live in changes to another beautiful scenery. You can sit quiet and hear all the different types of birds in spring working hard building their nests, see new born roes running after their moms in summer, look for mushrooms in autumn or enjoy the fresh clean air in winter (perhaps even with some snow). Take your time to relax.

Terrace with a view

Here you sit, drink a nice wine or whatever while enjoying the view, reading a book, smoking a cigarette (for the ones that have that habit), talk to the neighboring cows, …and much more.

Animal Farm

No, we do not have George Orwell’s pigs walking around, but besides the dogs from the sanctuary we have chickens (no name as they come running after you whenever you enter their run), a rooster called Junior, a rabbit called Banana and around the finca many cows, horses, ponies, sheep and donkeys. So always someone to talk to:-)

Want to stay with us?

This is your chance to experience a good night’s sleep, and enjoy so many activities in full nature