Who are you going to stay...


My Name is Sandra

After twenty years of being active in business in the Netherlands, I started an expat adventure in 2013 with my husband, children and dog.

With the adoption of our first dog Piña, I became intensively involved as a volunteer in the social issue regarding forgotten and forsaken dogs in Spain. Likewise to our years spent in Italy, all my time was put into abandoned dogs as well.

Personally, I’m mostly touched by dogs in their last phase of life with no further chance of adoption due to their age and sanity.  In Mediterranean countries, it is generally impossible to find enough volunteers to help make life slightly more comfortable for the thousands of dogs in shelters let alone aid them in finding new homes.

On the other hand, especially from people coming from Northern Europe, I regularly hear that they would love to have the experience of helping out in an animal shelter.

The combination of the wonderful life in Spain, the love for the most vulnerable group of shelter dogs and the knowledge that I am not alone in this, made that a wonderful dream popped up in my mind.

Who could have dreamed that?

...well, we did!

In April 2021 we found the perfect place north of Madrid, for us to make our three long-cherished dreams come true.

Dreams come true...

  • Finding a permanent living space in the beautiful Spanish countryside.

  • Realize a small-scale sanctuary there for elderly shelter dogs where they can spend their last phase of life with loving attention and in a dignified manner.

  • Creating a nice place for short stays where in addition to hiking and city visits our guests can also listen to the memories of these abandoned dogs. Our aim is to spread the word and create a community who will help us tell those stories. Social awareness with a nice term, to stimulate conscientious adoptions.

Although in our eyes this project will never fully be completed, after more than 2 years of preparations and renovations, our finca has become the place where we’re excited to receive committed , responsible and pleasant guests.

Note that part of the revenue from your stay with us will benefit the sanctuary.