How do I get to this ...

amazing place?


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How do I get to...

Madrid’s Barajas International Airport is a 40-minute drive from the finca. The services and facilities are excellent including the possibility to rent a car. 

If you come by car or motorcycle, take the exit 50 on the A1 Burgos-Madrid motorway and you’ll reach the finca in about ten minutes. We will send you clear directions with your booking.

When considering booking,
keep in mind that…

  • To avoid extra stress with our veterans, unfortunately your own pet cannot come along. But you can come and get a hug from one of our dogs under the supervision of a volunteer.

  • Accessibility: all of our rooms have a step to enter. Also the terrain is less suitable for people with limited mobility.

  • The finca is not suitable for celebrations and parties. Loud music is not allowed.

  • Barbecuing is only allowed between October and March (but with drought this can be extended).

  • We have no special facilities for small children.

  • The Wi-Fi is not fast. So if you’re into gaming or lots of social media, this might not be the place to be.

  • Smoking in the rooms and on the finca in general is not allowed, besides a couple of dedicated zones and always using ashtrays. We live in the middle of nature; ashes or a butt might have a devastating impact.