San Blas Festivities ’24 in Navalafuente

From Thursday, February 1 to Monday, February 5, 2024, the annual San Blas (Saint Blaise) celebration will take place in Navalafuente. The municipality has put together a program of various activities for all ages, including a padel tournament, a card game (mus) marathon, bingo and food. On Saturday, February 3, the traditional mass will be celebrated with the subsequent procession and local harmony.

Sore throat? Then come and celebrate San Blas, because Saint Blaise is the patron saint of people who suffer from throat disorders; According to tradition, just before he was tortured with wool combs and beheaded, Saint Blaise healed a little boy who was in danger of suffocating due to a fishbone in his throat. This miracle took place in Armenia at the beginning of the fourth century. However Saint Blaise was a popular saint in medieval England, probably due to the (terrifying) connection with wool combing and wool trade.

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